Caribbean Beach Resort pictures



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Aruba Village
Barbados Beach 2
Barbados Beach
Beach at Aruba
Beach at Martinique
Beach at Trinidad South
Beach in Jamaica
Beach near Quiet pool in Trinidad North
Birds on Parrot Cay
Boats on lake headed to OPR from Trinidad South
Bridge heading towards Jamaica and Aruba
Bridge in Jamaica and Aruba heading towards Old Port Royale
Bridge in resort looking towards Trinidad South
Bus stop at Trinidad South
Courtyard at Old Port Royale Lake side
Courtyard at Trinidad North Bldg. 31
Courtyard at Trinidad South
Customs house inside 1
Customs house inside 2
Customs house inside 3
Customs house inside 4
Customs house
Flag area outside Customs house
Flag courtyard
Jamaica Village 2
Jamaica Village
Kids pool at OPR
Looking across road to Trinidad South
Main pool 2
Main pool 3
Main pool 4
Main pool 5
Main pool 6
Main pool at CBR
Marina view 4
Marina View
Martinique view of lake
Martinique Village
Martinique Village 2
Old Port Royale Courtyard 2
Old Port Royale Courtyard
Old Port Royale Parking lot side
Outside bar at OPR
Parking lot view at Martinique
Parrot Cay
Pathway around lake 2
Pathway around lake 3
Pathway around lake
Pathway at Trinidad South
Pathway in Barbados
Pathway in Jamaica
Pathway in Jamaica 2
Pathway towards Trinidad North from OPR
Pathway to rooms at Martinique
Picnic table on Parrot Cay
Playground between Martinique and Barbados
Playground in Jamaica
Pool at Trinidad South
Quiet pool at Aruba
Quiet pool at Martinique
Quiet pool at Trinidad North
Quiet pool in Jamaica
Sidewalk in Jamaica
Standing on bridge looking towards OPR
Trinidad North Bldg. 31
Trinidad North Village
Trinidad South Beach
Trinidad South Village
View across the lake from OPR
View from Aruba Quiet Pool
View from Aruba towards Marina
View from Barbados beach
View from island looking towards Aruba
View from Parrot Cay
View of Jamaica from beach at Main pool
View of marina across the lake
View of Marina from Courtyard at OPR
View of the lake headed towards Barbados
View walking towards parking lot in Martinique
Walking towards bridge
Water mice on the lake