Magic Kingdom and Epcot after Hurricane Frances

Monday Sep. 6, 2004

I promised you a look at the parks after Hurricane Frances.   I would have taken MGM pictures but the park was closed today.  We also drove through Typhoon Lagoons parking lot because it was supposed to be open but it was closed.

It was amazing to see the parks.  There was no big debris in the parks.  You could see leaves on the ground but no sign of downed limbs or trees.  The only sign in MK that I could see was one of the light globes around the hub wasn't sitting right.  Truly the parks were a sight to see today.

The first picture is of the anchor in the cement that held the tie down straps for the carts that I pictured in the before the Hurricane pictures.

I took the pictures around 2:30 and 3 O'clock so that is why you see more people on Main Street.  After the parade went by it got pretty empty again.  The parking lot was not full at all.


Magic Kingdom after Hurricane Frances



Epcot after Hurricane Frances

Epcot didn't have any of the small booths open today.  I didn't see any damage other than leaves and some wind blown trees.  The park was very quiet and pretty empty.