October 29, 1947- April 7, 1995


Fran had a tough life but you would never have known.  He was born with severe asthma and suffered with it all his life.  The one bright star with his health is when he went to the National Jewish Center for Respiratory and Immunology in Denver Colorado.  They worked miracles with his health.

Fran had many varied interests, I guess that is why we fell in love.  We met and worked at the same place.  He first approached me because of our mutual love of cars, especially the Ford Mustang that we both owned.  Fran restored an Austin Healey and won 1st Place at several car shows.  That was fun. 

Fran was my best friend, we could have fun doing nothing more than sitting on our porch swing talking till the wee hours.  I miss that!  He also taught me to pay attention to details.  I was always too busy to bother.

As the years past we had 3 great kids.  The pictures represent some of the fun that Fran and I shared with the kids.  Hope you enjoy them. 

When we got our first computer, he didn't want to learn how it worked until I put his lawnmower business on the computer.  He had a great mind for details, but he loved the fact if you needed part numbers all you had to do is punch in the details.  He wouldn't sit and play at the computer, but we spent many Saturdays cruising the different bulletin boards on Prodigy.  He especially loved the Lone Ranger, so we had to keep up on all the trivia.  He eventually decided he wanted to learn how to do all that on his own, but he never got the chance.

It is now almost 8 years since Fran died.  Some days it seems like just yesterday and others it seems like an eternity since that horrible day that he died.  We have learned to live life again without Fran.  I felt like I lost the best part of me when he died.  Slowly, I fought my way back.  It is the only way.  Fran would have been disappointed if I hadn't moved forward and started to enjoy life again.  There are still some days that tears flow when something reminds you that he isn't here anymore.

I created this page to show other widow/ers that life can go on and be good again.  It will never be the same, but life is good.

Update - July 2003

I graduated from College with honors.  It was something I had wanted for a long time.  Krissy, my oldest got married to David, a wonderful man in 2001 and she also graduated from college that year.  Katie, my middle child graduated from High School and is now attending college and is in the Walt Disney World College program. Dan my baby graduated high school in June. Dan will be going to the NASCAR School in October.

Update- December 2003

Our house is sold and we are moving to Florida.  It has been a lot of work but after Fran's death I realized I can handle anything.  Life is good but different.  I am looking forward to my new life in Florida with a smile on my face and looking towards the future. 

Update- October 2004

We are enjoying our new life in Florida.  We have been through 3 hurricanes and had quite a bit of damage to the house.  People ask me if I was scared during the hurricanes.  I told them after my husband died nothing could be as scary as that. 

Krissy and Dave had some damage to their house from Hurricane Jeanne.  Katie is working full time for Walt Disney World and loving it.  Danny is doing very well with his studies at NTI.  He will graduate in 2005.

Life goes on and it is good.



The song that plays is Fly like an Eagle.  Fran used to sing this and butcher the words to this song.<g>


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bill3.jpg (23593 bytes) This is the Mustang of Fran's that I sold to my brother in law. fran shanty town.JPG (27186 bytes) Fran and the kids in Ocean City.  One of the few times he ventured out.
strasburg.JPG (30479 bytes) The Strasburg Railroad in Strasburg PA.  This was his favorite place to visit. PIC00009.JPG (70031 bytes) The kids on vacation with my sister in 1999.
Katie graduates from the Walt Disney World College Program Dan graduates from High School.
Mom and Dan. Krissy and Dave