Hurricane Preparations at MK and MGM day before Hurricane Frances

The family and I went to MK and MGM today.  The parking lot was very empty when we got there after 10 AM.  I have never seen it that quiet.

Once we got into the park it was evident that they had started to prepare MK for the hurricane.  Booths were strapped down, signs and lights were tied up with ropes.  The benches were roped or wired tied down.

My kids got a big kick of the fact that you could walk down the sidewalk with your arms out and not touch anyone.  The rides were all a walk on.  My son loved the fact that you could walk right onto Space Mountain.  I had never done Splash Mountain before because I was scared and the line was always so long.  I did Splash Mountain.  I figured since I had gone through Hurricane Charley Splash Mountain couldn't be too bad.  I survived and will probably ride it again now.

Buzz Lightyear had no lines also!!!  It was strange walking around the Hub with hardly anyone there.  There were a few new Hidden Mickey's created in MK.  Can you guess where they are?

We then went over to MGM.  It was deserted also.  They were only parking in one section of the parking lot.  The CM's guessed that most people had already left town.

So I have posted the pictures below.  I will go back after the Hurricane and try and take the same pictures.  I am just hoping that WDW doesn't get hit hard.

I will have my family with me during the Hurricane and I hope our house survives.  I hope since the parks have made so many magical moments for Guests throughout the years that it is spared a lot of damage.  I am hoping there are some magical moments and pixie dust for all of WDW and their wonderful CM's.






New Hidden Mickey's after Hurricane Charley